How To: Add Universal Mailboxes Back To Mail v14 1

How To: Add Universal Mailboxes Back To Mail v14

How To: Add Universal Mailboxes Back To Mail v14 Sometimes I wonder how often Apple really plans updates or upgrades. It also amazes me how often they shoot themselves in the virtual foot when they make huge interface changes for no apparent reason or benefit to the every day user. This is the case with the latest and greatest(?)version of Mac v 14.0 on Apple’s new macOS 11—Big Sur. After adding more than one mail account to directly or via System Prefs > Internet Account, in old versions of Apple Mail you’d have the default Universal Mailboxes: Inboxes, Drafts, Sent, Junk, Trash, Archive. But in Mail v14 in Big Sur that’s not the case. For every mail account, there are now separate listings

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There's No Place Like Home 2

There’s No Place Like Home

If you haven’t guessed by now I’ve traded in my trusty—and loved—iPhone 8 Plus for a shiny new silver iPhone XS Max. I knew there would be trade offs. I knew there’d be a bit of a learning curve; especially reprograming body memory. This one is the toughest to overcome, and I’m still in the process. Some would say without a sense of home—we are lost. When it comes to my new iPhone XS Max no truer words have been spoken. Without a home button sometimes I do get lost. When I pick up the Max I have to physically look at the phone to know which end is up. If I also didn’t have a tempered glass screen protector which outlines and accentuates the

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Creating Signatures In Apple Mail 3

Creating Signatures In Apple Mail

Technically this is a How-To but because I’m using a 3rd party product to achieve the end result—it could be seen as a blatant product plug. Not that that’s a bad thing. So I’ll state for the record that I paid for and own the product I’ll be talking about. I’ve used their mail plugins for years. I always like to be up front about those things. I’m not sure exactly when it started. Creating signatures in Apple Mail use to be pretty straight forward. But somewhere in the not too distant past, Apple decided that it would no longer make it easy to create custom HTML based signatures. Whether it was because of possible security issues, or it was just one less thing Apple

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Internet Security Or Lack Thereof And How I Manage It 5

Internet Security Or Lack Thereof And How I Manage It

The day of using a single password is over. The day of using a birth date password is over. The day of using a child’s name as password is over. Internet Security? What Internet Security? It’s a new world out there and it sure is scary as hell! I use to be one of the crazy ones. Yes. I freely admit it. I use to use the same single password for EVERYTHING! And in all my time on the Interwebs, I never had a problem; except for an issue where my password was hijacked while logging into an Apple website. Other than that, I’ve been exceptionally fortunate. There are those who fared less well. But I’m not here to tell you horror stories of stolen

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How To: Hide Your Apple TV On AirPlay 11

How To: Hide Your Apple TV On AirPlay

One of the greatest features of the newer Apple TVs is the ability to stream music, or video from another iOS device or Mac via AirPlay. Because AirPlay is always “on” by default your Apple TV’s name is broadcast for anyone to find; and they don’t even have to be on your WiFi network. If you live in an apartment, condo complex, or another house is only feet away, those nearby neighbor’s Apple TV names can show up as device choices to stream to, on anyone’s iPhone, iPad, or Mac. It’s a blessing and a curse.

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