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How To: Create An iOS 8 IMAP Mail Account

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How To: Create An iOS 8 IMAP Mail AccountI created a previous “How To” on the same subject many years ago and many versions of iOS ago. I decided it was time to “refresh” this “How To” with instructions for iOS 8. The only really important thing that has changed is the interface. Setting up an IMAP account is still pretty much the same as before. I hope this helps my clients as well as others looking to do this for the first time. Though the images are from an iPhone 6 they will be similar enough for any iOS device mail setup too.

There are some quirks involved with setting up IMAP mail on iOS. Especially for those ISPs or mail providers who don’t support SSL (secure sockets layer). The default for iOS is to create any account with SSL on. Some of the biggest confusion for first time users is how long it takes SSL to be negotiated the first time the IMAP account is set up, especially if your are doing it over a slower connection and not a Wi-Fi connection. Even with Wi-Fi the wait can seem like an eternity! Though I must say, in iOS 8 the wait has decreased from previous iOS releases. Your wait may vary, so please be patient. (more…)

iMac And Back Again 2008 – 2015

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Admittedly, I’ve been an Apple user and serious fanboy since 1986; when I bought my first Mac Plus for my Bond Street recording studio in Asbury Park. From there a Mac II — and ten years later — a SuperMac Mac-Clone. What always amazed me — besides a Mac’s ease of use , and creativity boosting abilities — was how long they lasted! (more…)

How To: Unhide User Library Folder Mac OS 10.9 Mavericks

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How To: Unhide User LibraryIn the past few versions of the Mac OS, Apple has taken to hiding the User Library folder. Whatever their reasons, Apple thought it best to hide that Library folder from everyone; regardless of your tech experience, or lack thereof. One one hand — out of sight out of mind. Let’s just get on with Mac’s “ease of use” and no one needs to see the “silly bits” under the hood.

For the more technicly inclined, there was always Terminal and the Unix commands to unhide that folder. For most folk … Apple didn’t want us to see that folder — period! But if for some reason you NEEDED to get to the folder, there were a few other ways to get to it.

I’m here today to let you know Apple has hidden a NEW way of unhiding the User Library folder, and I must say … well done and hallelujah! (more…)

iTunes 11.0.3 Update: Taking The Leap

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iTunes 11.0.3 Update: Taking The LeapApple has finally done it! They added back the one feature I had been waiting for in iTunes 11— album art in the song view. So I finally took the leap and did the iTunes 11.0.3 update. I’ll say right up front— this update isn’t for everyone. If you’re still waiting on Cover Flow to reappear— you may be waiting a long time! Honestly, I don’t think it’s ever coming back. But hey … if enough people send Apple their feedback/requests on the Apple iTunes Feedback Page … it could certainly happen. It took 3 updates for Apple to come to their senses on album art in song view. Who knows!

The list of what’s been updated is not terribly long, but it got my attention on a few counts. Here’s what appears on the Apple Website: (more…)

MX GuardDog: A Dream Come True: No SPAM

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There are so many companies out there that will offer you SPAM filtering for a price. Some moderate, some not so. But for the everyday guy or gal who has a domain or two and is tired of paying for Internet based, or computer based SPAM filtering— have I got news for you! MX GuardDog: A Dream Come True: No SPAM! Oh and did I mention the service can be free?

I have been using as my web hosting company for many years. I use them for both my personal domain and my business domain I have been pretty happy with their service, tech support, features, and cost. I refer many of my clients to them. Like any good hosting company, they offer a variety of SPAM filtering options, including SPAM Assassin, and even Google’s Postini. But for as long as I’ve used either I have had issues with both. With SPAM Assassin, though I had extensive white and black lists, plus hundreds of individual filters— SPAM still got through. Sometimes I would get literally 40-50 eMails a day that would make it through all that filtering and my blacklist. To top it all off, there was no way to easily add a piece of SPAM to the filtering. (more…)