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I started leaning about Macs by purchasing a new Mac Plus in 1986. Originally I bought it to use in my recording studio for writing music and MIDI sequencing. Personal computers were very new then. That’s where the seeds of discovery were planted. I was a musician, and artist, with a technical bent. I learned all I could about the Mac, the OS, and all applications I could afford. It was challenging and fun!

Mac PlusThe expertise I gained through using my Mac, were put to the test when I was employed at Mac Warehouse as a member of the telephone tech support team, during the early 90’s. Without having a Mac in front of me I had to visualize the Mac interface, OS, software and hardware, to help people troubleshoot issues with installation of a new product they bought. This certainly helped me hone my troubleshooting skills as well as my customer service skills.

In 1995 I worked for Westwind Computing in Seattle. I was a Mac systems engineer as well as a bench/repair tech. During this time I obtained my Apple Tools certification, OS X server training and eventually became the senior systems engineer.

In 1999 I left Westwind and started my own company, eMac Consulting.

Whether old or new, every client gets my personal attention, dedication, and experience—every day.

Thank You.

Joe Streno
1623 Harvard Ave
Independence MO 64052

“Engaging solutions for everything Mac. iPhone. iPad”

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