My Hijacked Apple ID ... continued ... 1

My Hijacked Apple ID … continued …

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I have been an Apple user/evangelist (current translation: fanboy) since I bought my first Mac Plus sometime in 1986. I purchased that little beige wonder to use in my recording studio in Asbury Park, NJ. I always thought Apple was bulletproof. They could do no wrong, and always cared about the experience of the Mac user. Do I still feel that way? I’d be a blind zealot if I said yes. There have always been questionable calls on Apple’s part throughout the years. But at some point Apple stepped up to the plate, took responsibility and made things right. No matter what the cost. Financial or otherwise. It seems this concept gets harder and harder for Apple. For whatever reason. It started June 25th with

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A process to a kill.

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Since one of the more recent updates, (I wish I could pinpoint the exact one) when starting up multiple processes are opened on my web hosting company’s ( server. Most times between 8-10. The big problem is they won’t die until either I close or kill the process manually via my cPanel’s process manager. As a single user in a one man company, this doesn’t really effect me. In an office of 3 or more people this is a BIG issue. Especially if their website or blog is hosted by the same company, on the same server. I discovered this issue while working on a clients website. Each time I tried to connect to their blog I’d get a server side page that

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