MX GuardDog

MX GuardDog: A Dream Come True: No SPAM

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MX GuardDog: A Dream Come True: No SPAM There are so many companies out there that will offer you SPAM filtering for a price. Some moderate, some not so. But for the everyday guy or gal who has a domain or two and is tired of paying for Internet based, or computer based SPAM filtering— have I got news for you! MX GuardDog: A Dream Come True: No SPAM! Oh and did I mention the service can be free? I have been using as my web hosting company for many years. I use them for both my personal domain and my business domain I have been pretty happy with their service, tech support, features, and cost. I refer many of my clients to

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iPad 1

iPad … It’s Magically Delicious!

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And so it has come to pass. The magic “Jesus Tablet” has come to mere mortals. And it’s name is iPad! Like Manna from Steve Jobs and company, it has been delivered unto us this holy day Wednesday, January 27th 2010. Steve came from the mount @ 1 Infinite Loop and presided over his flock from a singular leather chair, stage left of the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater, San Francisco. The “reality distortion field” is strong with this one. I could only imagine the excitement of the yet unanointed. With so many rumors flying, no one knew what to expect. Would Steve start with something innocuous, the new iPhone OS (which didn’t happen) or a new iPhone (which also didn’t happen) and

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Don’t Panic. Get Coda.

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As a consultant I wear quite a few hats, as it were. I troubleshoot issues with Macintosh computers. I set up & install new Macintosh systems. I develop and implement FileMaker databases. I also do web design and development. Wearing the chapeau of web developer I have several tools that I use regularly. Besides the obvious ones like Adobe Dreamweaver CS4, I use a little coding application from Panic called Coda. I use Coda regularly. As they say on their website “text editor + file transfer + svn + css + terminal + books + more = whoah.” I don’t know if I could have explained it better. It’s a text/code editor, with full color formatting

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