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The New Compass Point WebsiteJust completed a new website for my client Compass Point Yachts. This was a huge project. My first undertaking was to try to eliminate as much if not all Adobe Flash from the website as possible. I chose to work with MooTools javascript framework. This way I could do slide shows, as well as nice sliding menus, and other visually interesting elements. Nice eye candy without all the Flash baggage. The most difficult part was getting all the CSS & javascript to play nicely in MS Internet Explorer 7. But in the end … it came off swimmingly!

My second task was to try to break away from making “yet another black website”. The last website, and gee … the website before that were all black backgrounds. Very dark and brooding … but colorful and exciting in their own way. So we went for the polar opposite, white. I also tried to keep the color pallet to green, blue & gray. I think this really made the boat images pop.

For the individual yacht information pages, I kept things sparse and clean. All photos, videos, etc were triggered by sliding menu items and shown in a shadow box. Nice effect, keeping the focus on what is being shown. Also one of the ways I like to see photos these days. A victim of the times? Maybe. But I still like it.

I also reworked their WordPress blog, so it looked more integrated with the rest of the website. I of course chose the WordPress Christmas v1.1 theme from the creative folks at again. I really like how clean it looks. Once I stripped everything down to white with 1 px green outlines, and shrunk its width to the same size as the rest of the site … you wouldn’t know it was the same theme. It’s clean and slick, and really displays images well too with the articles (again after some CSS tweeking).

I realy like the end result, and so does the client. That is certainly a win win!

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