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How To: Create IMAP Mail Account on iPhone

  1. Thanks for this- it worked great. May I respectfully suggest that on your home page, under things you need, I think you meant to say “patience” not “patients” (as in a doctor’s office) . I know i’d want to know.

    1. Thanks Mimi! You’re (or should I say yore, or is it your) the first one to catch this. I’d say you won a prize, but I guess the info will need to be prize enough. As Homer Simpson might say: “D’oh!”

      Glad the post helped you. And thanks for being my editor. :)

    1. Hi Ken …

      You add contacts & their eMail addresses to you iPhone Phone app under the Contacts tab or the iOS Contacts app. On a Mac you add the eMail address to Apple’s Contacts.app. Make sure you are syncing contacts via iCloud on both your Mac & other iOS devices. This way if you add it in one place it will propagate to all your other Mac OS & iOS devices that are signed into that iCloud account.

      Hope that helps.


  2. Well, not so easy to delete IMAP bluehost account if installed by using their automated script. I did install using such script and now impossible to remove this account because there is no ‘delete account’ button showing and instead a note saying: ‘These settings are installed by the profile xyz@abcd.com Secure Email Setup’ This is it ! No delete account button.
    I asked bluehost technical support how to remove this setup and they told me I must ask Apple – they don’t know. So I asked how come, the script belongs to bluehost so they should know how to remove it, but still they told me that I must ask Apple. This is ridiculous …

    Any idea how to get rid of such automatically installed email setup ?

    1. Hi Edyta …

      I no longer use Bluehost, their support has become abysmal!

      Can you give me a direct link to the page where this IMAP “script” resides? Whether setting up any account on your phone or computer, or deleting an account should be pretty straight forward. With a link to see this script, I can better advise you.

      Thanks … Joe

    2. Round 2 …

      Just did some research. It could be that Bluehost installed a “configuration profile” check out this website: https://kb.iu.edu/d/basz . It will tell you how to uninstall a configuration profile on your iPhone or your Mac.

      Let me know if this worked for you.


    3. Hi Joe,

      Thanks for looking into this :)
      And totally agree on your view about bluehost support.

      Yes, this was a profile configuration and found the solution : Settings > General > Profiles > Remove

      All the best,

    1. To delete an IMAP account:

      Go to Mail, Contacts Calendars
      Choose the account
      On the bottom of the next screen should be a delete button
      Choose Delete Account

      That’s it.

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