Hot stuff that iPhone …

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We all know the iPhone has been another ‘hot’ product for Apple. From reports flying around the web, some 700,000 iPhones sold in just a few days. Pretty impressive. But we’ll leave it up to Mr Jobs to colorfully ‘interpret’ that data for us all in his next keynote … whenever that might be. Had a client call me today to tell me how HOT his iPhone was. And I don’t mean in a Paris Hilton (retching) kind of way, but a degrees Fahrenheit kind of way. Seems he was carrying ‘his precious’ in his pocket. Now Dan’s a stylin’ kind of guy …. so I can’t imagine him wearing wool knickers, or insulated shorts even on a cool Seattle summer day. No. Just pulled […]

On The Cusp Of Independence

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It’s day four of “My So-Called Life Without iPhone.” On this 3rd day of July in the year of (my atheist) Lord two thousand and seven … I am on the cusp of independence. No. Not that kind of independence … iPhone independence. It took an entire list of rationalizations … one even larger than my last post … to see I CAN be a whole person & not own an iPhone. My whole existence is not defined by the objects that I communicate with. That my fingers are more than mere pointing, dragging, & pinching implements. They … and I are so much more than that!

My So-Called Life Without iPhone • Day 3

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Okay. It’s been only three days since the launch of the iPhone & I’m ready to cave in. Am I on crack you ask? That very well could be. I’m a Macintosh consultant. So today I got a call from Dale @ Crow’s Nest Yachts. “Hey Joe … can you come set up my iPhone for me?” Hmm. Without skipping a beat I blurted out … “I’ll be there by noon.” When I walked in the door there were two people in his office drooling over his mondo-boy-toy. When I walked in the sea of bodies parted and I got right to work. I couldn’t allow anyone to see I was just as excited … IF NOT MORE … than they might be. I asked […]

My first day without …

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No … I didn’t stand on line. No … I didn’t brave the crowds. No … I didn’t have the money. No I didn’t have ‘room’ on any of my credit cards … they’re ALL maxed out. (But that’s another story for another day.) Does that make me less a man? Less a consumer? Less an American? Less an Apple evangelist? Less a Macintosh consultant? These are the tough questions I will be asking myself over the next few days … months …. years? This is the first day of the rest of my life without an iPhone. There. I said it. Out of the mouth of babes (or at least this 50 year old man) and into the ears of an atheist god & […]