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MX GuardDog: A Dream Come True: No SPAM

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There are so many companies out there that will offer you SPAM filtering for a price. Some moderate, some not so. But for the everyday guy or gal who has a domain or two and is tired of paying for Internet based, or computer based SPAM filtering— have I got news for you! MX GuardDog: A Dream Come True: No SPAM! Oh and did I mention the service can be free?

I have been using as my web hosting company for many years. I use them for both my personal domain and my business domain I have been pretty happy with their service, tech support, features, and cost. I refer many of my clients to them. Like any good hosting company, they offer a variety of SPAM filtering options, including SPAM Assassin, and even Google’s Postini. But for as long as I’ve used either I have had issues with both. With SPAM Assassin, though I had extensive white and black lists, plus hundreds of individual filters— SPAM still got through. Sometimes I would get literally 40-50 eMails a day that would make it through all that filtering and my blacklist. To top it all off, there was no way to easily add a piece of SPAM to the filtering.

Protect Your EmailWith Postini, BlueHost, since they partner with them, charged a very reasonable price for each eMail address I needed filtered. My biggest gripe with Postini was its antiquated interface and over aggressive filtering. Many good eMails would need to be released from quarantine and whitelisted. Again, having to use the web interface was frustrating, to say the least— especially on an iPhone. Almost impossible!

Yesterday, while being inundated with yet more SPAM to my InBox I did a search for “Internet SPAM Flittering”, — again — and though I got many hits, there was one that piqued my interest— “Spam Filtering Service – Free Email Protection By“. Free you say? Click!

After going through their website, being my usual skeptical self, reading and perusing their FAQ, and searching for online reviews— I was intrigued even more about their service and “payment model”. If I wanted to use their service, all I had to do was include text URL links from any of my website pages back to the MX GuardDog website. They even have a page on their website that generated the links for you, and kept  track of my credits. They also allow a you to “buy credits” at a very reasonable price if you don’t want to use the free linking method. But if you own your own domain and website, the linking method is too easy to pass up! Plus they give you a 30 day free trial period. It’s all good!

I decided to go for it! I read the instructions on the MX GuardDog website, went to my C-Panel and configured my MX mail records to point to MX GuardDog’s URLs, changed a few other settings and that was it. Once the new MX records propagated, my SPAM was being filtered.

MX GuardDog CreditsWhile I was waiting for the MX records to update, I went back to the MX GuardDog site & started producing links to pages on both my eMac & go2jo sites. Since you only need one credit per month for each eMail address you want filtered, I only needed two credits per month for my two addresses being filtered on two separate domains. I might have gone a little overboard linking— I now have 150 credits! But that’s okay! You can never be too rich with credits! As long as you have enough to get through a month … a year …. or four or five.

Wordpress Sidebar WidgetBeing I use WordPress for both my websites, it was easier for me to create a sidebar widget that would appear on every page of my website. Then all I had to do was copy the URL from heavily trafficked pages on my website and use the GuardDog interface to make the link connections and get credits. What’s even more amazingly cool … the higher ranked a page you link to is, the more credits your receive for the link. A normal link will get you a minimum of 2 credits. I have some very heavily trafficked pages that got me 25 credits a pop, some 10. So it’s easy to rack up credits quickly with the right pages. Also, you don’t have to be like me and do everything at once, but I thought it easier to accumulate enough credits so I don’t have to do anything for several years. That’s just me.

Like any other SPAM filter, the occasional piece of SPAM gets delivered to my InBox. I can live with that. What I love is, all I have to do is forward that eMail to and THEY will examine it and adjust their filtering accordingly. How easy is that! I’ve also added MX GuardDog as a business in my address book, and set the first name of the contact to SPAM and the last to MX GuardDog. Now when I forward a piece of SPAM that gets through all I have to do is start spelling SPAM & the address self populates and I hit send! This works on my iPhone as well … which I LOVE LOVE LOVE! Almost TOO easy!

Okay. I realize this sounds like a love letter, more than a review … but in the short time I’ve been using this service … I’m enamored by its ease of use, its web interface and its ingenious credit system. All in all … even as a diehard “cat person” I’m trusting this dog to watch over my eMail accounts and keep me safe and SPAM-free.

If any of you would like a complete “How-To” on setting MX GuardDog up, I can certainly do that in another post. Please let me know in the comments. Though the instructions and interface on the MX GuardDog website are pretty clear. Or if you’d like you can hire me to get you all set up. Either way … Good luck and happy filtering!


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MX GuardDog: A Dream Come True: No SPAM

  1. I’ve been using MXG for well over 5 years and have also turned all of my clients hosting their own mail to MXG. We have ZERO problem, and we move a tom of mail through their servers. Simple links on all my client’s website has proven valuable to the service. Great support and I won’t go back to any other providers for filtering! Wanted to pass my two cents worth.

    1. Hi Marc …

      I’m right there with you! I love the Mx GuardDog service and continue to use it—problem free.

      Also customer service is fantastic. Not like I’m making any money promoting them, just like to support services that work, and work well!

      Thanks for stopping by & thanks for commenting!

  2. Joe,

    It’s unclear to me how to earn credits. Is it a matter of having the links on my webpages and getting traffic? Do I have to code in my site so they can review the analytics.

    Can you be specific?


    1. To earn credits, you code a link into any page(s) you’d like on your website. You get the link(s) from the links generator page on MXGuardDog. You fill in a URL of the page you want to add an MX link to and MX spits back three links for you to chose from.

      Once you add the link to your page and MXGuardDog confirms it, (which usually takes 10-30 minutes) MX will give you an amount of credits based on Goggle’s ranking of your page. So the more heavily trafficked your page the more credits you will get for that page. You can put links on as many or as few as you’d like, or need to pay for the number of eMail address you want filtered on your domain(s).

      Also if you’re not comfortable with adding links to your pages, you can just pay for their spam filtering services outright.

      The best thing you can do is go read the FAQ on their website.

      Hope this helps. Good luck!

  3. Many thanks for sharing. I’ll give them a go! Interestingly, it sounds like they’ve gone ahead with an optional ‘paid for credits’ model (based on your post) even though their FAQs claim they’re still assessing that. This pleases me, as my client needs a solution that won’t require links adding to their website. Many thanks! :-)

    1. Bobby … yeah I’m hooked. And it keeps getting better. They keep making improvements. They were doing the paid credits when I wrote this.

      The thing I did with links on my pages … I wrote a css class that takes the text of the link I put in a post and puts the text out of sight at -2000 x -2000 on the page. So no human will ever see it, but it gets scraped as a valid link by GuardDog & I get credit.

      I especially love the macro I created that takes a spam message that does get through, forwards it to MX GuardDog as an attachment in a new email, addresses it, sends it, then deletes the original spam & the sent emails.

      Yeah … I’m a geek! ;)

      1. Hi Joe.

        My sincerest apologies – I thought I’d replied to you, and just seen I didn’t!

        Unfortunately, in the end we found various unexplainable problems with MX Guarddog. I bought a few credits with them, but after 2 weeks we were having so many problems, we switched away from them. If my memory serves, there were emails being sent to us that never turned up, and never appeared in the spam filters either. The service didn’t sit well alongside DNS Made Easy backup MX records. Also, their 7 day limit before clearing stuff caught in filters was just too restrictive.

        To give them their dues, they tried their best to help us, and I hold no grudge. We did need better filtering though, and I switched to EOP (Exchange Online Protection) with Microsoft. It doesn’t work out much more expensive if you’re paying, and I haven’t looked back since – by far the best service out there for our needs.

        I hope MXGuarddog is still working well for your needs!

        Many thanks,


        1. Hi Bobby …

          Sorry MXGuarddog wasn’t working out for you. To be honest, I’ve had zero problems with them. Still using them her & on my personal domain. Haven’t lost any mail, I’m very happy & it’s still free.

          And when I do have a question, I get an answer usually the same day via eMail. So yeah, their support is pretty good, have to give them credit.

          Glad you found something that worked for your needs. :-)

          You’re very welcome … Joe

          1. Thanks Joe – really glad to hear they’re still working for you. It could well have been something in our setup / DNS Made Easy’s that created problems. EOP’s 21 day limit instead of 7 for held items though ultimately meant I looked no further than the O365 direction.

            Perhaps MX Guarddog will read this and extend their catch-net time allowance one day though :-) Thanks again for your help.

            All the best, Bobby

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