Joe Streno Mac Consulting Help Service
Joe Streno of eMac Consulting has been helping individuals and small businesses across the country, ” engaging solutions for everything Mac, iPhone, iPad, since 1990. With clientele including graphic design firms, newspapers, photographers, music studios, artists, yacht brokers, government offices, insurance brokers, lawyers, accounting firms, and more, Joe has the experience and integrity you need.

Help Desk / IT Staff:

  • Can’t afford a full time help desk, or IT staff, let eMac Consulting help you stay lean, mean and competitive, while still offering your staff help they need to be more productive. Contract for weekly, or monthly onsite visits. Contract for employee direct help desk calls. eMac Consulting has packages that will help keep your staff and computers working at their best.


  • Individual or group training on Mac OS basics or individual applications in simple language adjusted to anyone’s user level.


  • Certified Apple technician. Expert diagnostic skills honed with years of hands on and remote experience.

System Design:

  • Is your head ready to explode from too much information? Too many choices? Not enough time? Not sure what you need? What companies you can trust? Why guess! Let eMac Consulting help choose the right combination of Macintosh computers, iPads, iPhones, peripherals and software that will work seamlessly for you, and within your budget.

Network Design:

  • Let eMac Consulting help design and install your wired or wireless network. Having issues with your current network? Let Joe help diagnose and offer a solution.

Database Design:

  • Need a custom FileMaker Pro database sollution? Joe can design a database for your needs.

Website Design:

  • Joe has had years of design experience, in print and web design. He has designed sites for several companies, including his own. Through a combination of technologies, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and or WordPress blogs, Joe can design a website that is a reflection of you or your company.


Joe Streno Mac Consulting Help Service
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Joe Streno Mac Consulting Help Service
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