Internet Security Or Lack Thereof And How I Manage It 1

Internet Security Or Lack Thereof And How I Manage It

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The day of using a single password is over. The day of using a birth date password is over. The day of using a child’s name as password is over. Internet Security? What Internet Security? It’s a new world out there and it sure is scary as hell! I use to be one of the crazy ones. Yes. I freely admit it. I use to use the same single password for EVERYTHING! And in all my time on the Interwebs, I never had a problem; except for an issue where my password was hijacked while logging into an Apple website. Other than that, I’ve been exceptionally fortunate. There are those who fared less well. But I’m not here to tell you horror stories of stolen

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How To: Create A Folder In v2 7

How To: Create A Folder In v2

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I’ve done the update because the macOS interface has changed drastically since my last post on the subject. In my previous post I did two separate sections one on POP and another on IMAP eMail. I’ve done the same in this post too.

Archiving mail, no matter what eMail application you use, is always a good thing to do. Being organized can help you with a cluttered and bursting Inbox and or Sent folder. Here is a simple “How To” for creating a folder/mailbox in Apple’s

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Local Service Area: Based in Lanoka Harbor, NJ I am centrally located and can travel to most anywhere in the New Jersey, New York, or Philadelphia metropolitan area. National Service: I will also fly anywhere in the US for long or short term projects. Remote Service: I can provide remote access consulting services on any of your Internet connected Macs. Through remote access I can help you no matter where you are in the world, as long as you have a fast enough Internet connection. We will also be able to carry on a conversation as I’m remotely controlling your computer. You can watch everything I do to your computer as I do it, and ask questions, or not. It’s up to you. Remote sessions are

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