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How To: Create A Folder in iPhone Mail – Revisited

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Quite some time ago I wrote “How To: Create A Folder in iPhone Mail“. At the time it was very simple … you couldn’t create a new folder/mailbox in iOS Mail. But with the advent of a few iOS releases since, and the amount of traffic that post gets, I thought it time to put together an update to “How To: Create A Folder in iPhone Mail” … because now you can.

Create a folder in

How To: Create a folder in

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Archiving mail, no matter what application you use, is always a good thing to do. Being organized can help you with a cluttered and bursting Inbox and Sent Items folder. Here is a simple “How To” for creating a folder/mailbox in Apple’s Pop eMail: For those of you who have only one POP eMail account, the procedure is very straight forward. Step 1: At the bottom left corner of the Mail window click on the “+” pop-up menu. Select menu item “New Mailbox…”