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How-To: Get A Handle On macOS – iOS Autocorrect And Text Replacement

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With the advent of the modern macOS and iOS and their myriad of time saving features, none have been as frustrating, infuriating — and funny — as auto correct; or in Apple lingo — text replacement. Entire websites have been devoted to posting hilarious auto corrections. But for those who may want to forgo these oft embarrassing missives, this How-To is for you. This How-To will cover ways to help you stop either you Mac or iDevice from usurping your preferred words with ones that may not be anywhere near what you intended. We will see the interfaces may be slightly different in macOS vs iOS, but the outcome will be the same once completed.

How To: Create An iOS 8 IMAP Mail Account

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I created a previous “How To” on the same subject many years ago and many versions of iOS ago. I decided it was time to “refresh” this “How To” with instructions for iOS 8. The only really important thing that has changed is the interface. Setting up an IMAP account is still pretty much the same as before. I hope this helps my clients as well as others looking to do this for the first time. Though the images are from an iPhone 6 they will be similar enough for any iOS device mail setup too. There are some quirks involved with setting up IMAP mail on iOS. Especially for those ISPs or mail providers who don’t support SSL (secure sockets layer). The default for iOS is […]

MX GuardDog

MX GuardDog: A Dream Come True: No SPAM

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There are so many companies out there that will offer you SPAM filtering for a price. Some moderate, some not so. But for the everyday guy or gal who has a domain or two and is tired of paying for Internet based, or computer based SPAM filtering— have I got news for you! MX GuardDog: A Dream Come True: No SPAM! Oh and did I mention the service can be free? I have been using BlueHost.com as my web hosting company for many years. I use them for both my personal domain go2jo.com and my business domain emacconsulting.com. I have been pretty happy with their service, tech support, features, and cost. I refer many of my clients to them. Like any good hosting company, they offer […]

Create a folder in Mail.app

How To: Create a folder in Mail.app

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Archiving mail, no matter what application you use, is always a good thing to do. Being organized can help you with a cluttered and bursting Inbox and Sent Items folder. Here is a simple “How To” for creating a folder/mailbox in Apple’s Mail.app. Pop eMail: For those of you who have only one POP eMail account, the procedure is very straight forward. Step 1: At the bottom left corner of the Mail window click on the “+” pop-up menu. Select menu item “New Mailbox…”