Internet Security Or Lack Thereof And How I Manage It 1

Internet Security Or Lack Thereof And How I Manage It

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The day of using a single password is over. The day of using a birth date password is over. The day of using a child’s name as password is over. Internet Security? What Internet Security? It’s a new world out there and it sure is scary as hell! I use to be one of the crazy ones. Yes. I freely admit it. I use to use the same single password for EVERYTHING! And in all my time on the Interwebs, I never had a problem; except for an issue where my password was hijacked while logging into an Apple website. Other than that, I’ve been exceptionally fortunate. There are those who fared less well. But I’m not here to tell you horror stories of stolen

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Tame Auto Correct Hell Featured Image

How-To: Get A Handle On macOS – iOS Autocorrect And Text Replacement

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With the advent of the modern macOS and iOS and their myriad of time saving features, none have been as frustrating, infuriating — and funny — as auto correct; or in Apple lingo — text replacement. Entire websites have been devoted to posting hilarious auto corrections. But for those who may want to forgo these oft embarrassing missives, this How-To is for you. This How-To will cover ways to help you stop either you Mac or iDevice from usurping your preferred words with ones that may not be anywhere near what you intended. We will see the interfaces may be slightly different in macOS vs iOS, but the outcome will be the same once completed. judicious-hyoid

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