Keeping It Up 1

Keeping It Up

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Here I sit waiting to get loaded. Or maybe waiting to come down. I sit in front of this wall of aluminum & silicon dioxide and wait. It’s so very black and shiny. But it’s not a monolith. Or is it? Something is changing blocking my view, yet I’m seeing much more clearly. It’s so stunning it almost hurts. It did hurt a bit. But only in the wallet. Here before me stands my shining new iMac. Never in a million years did I ever thing I’d own an iMac. Starting to see a pattern here? I said something similar about owning an iPhone. But there they both are. In all their black and silver shininess. Peering back at me with all their SiO2 glory

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iPhone Love

My So-Called Life With iPhone • Week 2

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Wow! I can’t believe it’s been two weeks since I got this thing. I can’t believe I tried to start writing this on my iPhone. I first tried to write it in Safari. That didn’t work too well. For some reason Safari wasn’t auto-suggesting anything in WordPress edit/post mode. Hmmm. Then I figured … okay I’ll try in iPhone mail and post via mail. That didn’t work too well either. No keyboard action in the horizontal mode. Even in the verticle mode I had ‘issues.’ Though that was more my shortcomings than iPhone’s. I’m still not to accomplished on the iPhone keyboard … yet. Unlike JoeyGadget A.K.A. Joe Hutsko, who wrote his most recently published feature article for MSNBC, about iPhone, on his iPhone. The

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