Creating Signatures In Apple Mail 1

Creating Signatures In Apple Mail

Technically this is a How-To but because I’m using a 3rd party product to achieve the end result—it could be seen as a blatant product plug. Not that that’s a bad thing. So I’ll state for the record that I paid for and own the product I’ll be talking about. I’ve used their mail plugins for years. I always like to be up front about those things. I’m not sure exactly when it started. Creating signatures in Apple Mail use to be pretty straight forward. But somewhere in the not too distant past, Apple decided that it would no longer make it easy to create custom HTML based signatures. Whether it was because of possible security issues, or it was just one less thing Apple

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How To: Create An iOS 8 IMAP Mail Account 4

How To: Create An iOS 8 IMAP Mail Account

I created a previous “How To” on the same subject many years ago and many versions of iOS ago. I decided it was time to “refresh” this “How To” with instructions for iOS 8. The only really important thing that has changed is the interface. Setting up an IMAP account is still pretty much the same as before. I hope this helps my clients as well as others looking to do this for the first time. Though the images are from an iPhone 6 they will be similar enough for any iOS device mail setup too. There are some quirks involved with setting up IMAP mail on iOS. Especially for those ISPs or mail providers who don’t support SSL (secure sockets layer). The default for iOS is

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No Folders

How To: Create A Folder in iPhone Mail

Q: How do I create a folder in the iPhone Mail app in iOS 1-4? A: YOU CAN’T! Update: Since writing this post, newer versions of iOS have been released that will allow you to create folders on an iOS device. Here’s a new post on “How To: Create A Folder in iPhone Mail“ It’s another mystery of life. Why in the world can’t you create a folder in the iPhone Mail app!!?? You can move an eMail message, or a group of messages from one folder to another, but you can’t create a Mail folder on the iPhone. It’s just another of the glaring oddities of the iPhone. I can understand not being able to do this with a POP account, because iPhone Mail

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