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How To: Create A Folder in iPhone Mail

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Q: How do I create a folder in the iPhone Mail app in iOS 1-4? A: YOU CAN’T! Update: Since writing this post, newer versions of iOS have been released that will allow you to create folders on an iOS device. Here’s a new post on “How To: Create A Folder in iPhone Mail“ It’s another mystery of life. Why in the world can’t you create a folder in the iPhone Mail app!!?? You can move an eMail message, or a group of messages from one folder to another, but you can’t create a Mail folder on the iPhone. It’s just another of the glaring oddities of the iPhone. I can understand not being able to do this with a POP account, because iPhone Mail

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Snow Leopard - - PHP ... Fail! 1

Snow Leopard – – PHP … Fail!

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  Okay. That may be a little harsh … but you would think after paying for a system upgrade, that was supposed to be rewritten from the ground up … a major bug like the IMAP/PHP bug would have been fixed. I know this problem is still effecting people. They are still logging complaints at Apple’s Discussion Groups. I was hoping … but no go!

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Mac OS X 10.5.7 Update (No IMAP Fix) 2

Mac OS X 10.5.7 Update (No IMAP Fix)

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I always use to think that the squeaky wheel always got the proverbial grease. In most case this may be true. With Apple … not so much. Apple just released Mac OS X 10.5.7 update. Being a consultant I always have to do updates on the day they arrive. I do this to try to see what my clients might have to deal with if they choose to do it on their own. Though most of my clients will wait for me to “feel the pain” so they don’t have to. This update, I did feel the pain! Since I bought my new MacBook Pro, I have been doing updates via Software Update. This time around I chose to download the Combo Updater & give it a whirl. Once downloaded I opened the

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