No Folders

How To: Create A Folder in iPhone Mail

Q: How do I create a folder in the iPhone Mail app in iOS 1-4? A: YOU CAN’T! Update: Since writing this post, newer versions of iOS have been released that will allow you to create folders on an iOS device. Here’s a new post on “How To: Create A Folder in iPhone Mail“ It’s another mystery of life. Why in the world can’t you create a folder in the iPhone Mail app!!?? You can move an eMail message, or a group of messages from one folder to another, but you can’t create a Mail folder on the iPhone. It’s just another of the glaring oddities of the iPhone. I can understand not being able to do this with a POP account, because iPhone Mail

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iCame iSaw iPwned

I came. I saw. I pwned.

Woke up this morning and I got myself a …. PwnageTool. Been waiting for this since iPhone OS 3.0 was released in iTunes Wednesday (6.17.09). Well me and thousands of others who were “refreshing” the crap out of the Dev-Team blog/website the past several days, or following the Dev-Team on Twitter, waiting for PwnageTool to post. That may not seem like a long time to most, it’s like seven lifetimes to those caught up in the iPhone reality distortion field. But here it is, with its new updated app smell. And it’s ability to unlock my 1st Generation iPhone. You have to love these guys. They are modern day heros. Now Apple might think contrary, but you have to admire the Dev-Team’s vibrato. Their stamina. Their

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3.0 is coming! 3.0 is coming! 1

3.0 is coming! 3.0 is coming!

Sound the horns! Release the doves! Call your Mom! iPhone OS 3.0 is coming! Tomorrow! (06/17/2009) There has been so much hype leading up to this release you’d think it was the second coming. But it’s not. It’s the third … coming of the iPhone OS that is. Along with it will come a new iPhone too. The iPhone 3G S. They say the “S” is for speed. I think the “S” is for “Sales” through the roof. Even before its release, preorders are sold out. Undoubtedly there will be lines starting at an Apple or AT&T store near you. There has been a huge ramp-up for the release, starting long before last weeks “World Wide Developers Conference” (WWDC). The fan-boy blogs and the Twitter-verse

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Don’t Panic. Get Coda.

As a consultant I wear quite a few hats, as it were. I troubleshoot issues with Macintosh computers. I set up & install new Macintosh systems. I develop and implement FileMaker databases. I also do web design and development. Wearing the chapeau of web developer I have several tools that I use regularly. Besides the obvious ones like Adobe Dreamweaver CS4, I use a little coding application from Panic called Coda. I use Coda regularly. As they say on their website “text editor + file transfer + svn + css + terminal + books + more = whoah.” I don’t know if I could have explained it better. It’s a text/code editor, with full color formatting

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